Post industrial Media- Reflection

The last social media activity I took part in was my CMWP assignment, named MortalCultural Kitchen.


MortalCultural kitchen is a parody cooking show where two contestants of different nationalities have to cook for the very first time a signature dish from a third country in order to save their life. The idea behind the project was to realize something humorous that engaged with cultural diversity and food. The video that inspired us the most was the online parody series “Footballer wants a wife”.

The actual project we decided to work on was the trailer of the cooking show. After the realization of the video we started a cross promotion on different social media (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).


The video itself was fairly made considering that we had zero budget and improvised actors. The result was a funny and “easy to watch” trailer that could have actually get positive feedback if we only would have been able to promote it through a valid media campaign.

At the time of our project proposal we were aiming to engage with the public by posting back stage pictures, recipes, episodes highlights and comic contents regularly on different platforms and our social network’s profiles.

To go along with the theme of multiculturalism we shared our work as well on specific platform that only the Russian and the Chinese community use.

Another idea was creating a Tumblr blog of MortalCultural kitchen where the audience could discuss his feeling towards the show.


On paper our promotional strategy was solid but, because of the lack of content to share, we ended up having very few feedback and comment from the audience.

To be more specific, we just posted twice on twitter and we publish 2 videos and 4 backstage pictures o the Facebook page.

Only one of the member of our group supposed to be in charge of the social media management so I limited myself to one share of the trailer on my personal Facebook profile.


The Facebook page had only 28 likes, that were mostly given to us by our classmates. Taking into account the fact that on the project were working 4 people of 3 different country we should have had at least 3 time the number of responses.


Unless to say that we also got very few comment to our video and maybe a couple of share.

On the Russian and the Chinese social network the audience reacted a little bit better, even though the participation was limited to a small circle of friends and relatives.

Finally, the video on youtube was viewed 124 times and got 4 likes.

The Tumblr page instead was never created.

I can frankly say that our media campaign was almost a total failure so I feel like it is not possible to compare it to other existent ones.


All in all, our bigger mistake was not being consistent with our promotional strategy proposal.

Standing at what we learned in the PIM class, our video respected most of the spreadability key points .

‘”Spreadability” refers to the technical resources that make it easier to circulate some kinds of content than others, the economic structures that support or restrict circulation, the attributes of a media text that might appeal to a community’s motivation for sharing material, and the social networks that link people through the exchange of meaningful bytes’ (Jenkins et al, p4).

According to what Jenkins believe, we made a short video of immediate understanding, the content of it (humor, food, cultural diversity) could have been potentially appealing for a broad audience.

As our third lecture underline, meme and comic content could be a good way to get attention, especially on a platform like Facebook where the audience is not likely to have a long range of attention.

The format of the video made it easy to share on different platforms, therefore I believe that  with an appropriate media campaign it could have possibly reach more success.





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