Peer Reviews


The video “Music crossing the ocean” that Lynn and Shena realize have good quality images and a well done editing, but there are still some things that could be fixed.

The project have a strong emotional potential and in my opinion they could have push it a little bit further.

I would have love to see some interviews of the members of the Chinese orchestra to know more about their passion and the history of their group.

All the characters played really interesting looking instruments, I’m sure that the non-Chinese audience would have appreciated to learn more about it.

For me, the fact that the titles were missing during the presentation of the rough cut could have penalized the project. However, I’m sure that the final version of the documentary would be more accurate and the problem would have been already fix.

Probably, adding as well some narration to the editing ( for example using a voice over) would have help to get the audience attention, but the video is already enjoyable as it is.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that the choice of using the train and traffic footage at the beginning of the video does not really help the narration, since the title is “Music crossing the ocean”why not using some shots of the ocean instead?

One last advise that I could give to the group is to use one of the song of the orchestra for the background music instead of the one that they used cause it will match better the narration. During the presentation they expressed their will to change the soundtrack with a song of the band, and I think it is a good idea.

In complex, I liked the project and I’m sure that with this last adjustments it could reach the perfection.


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