Sound and Image – Assessment 1


#1 ______________________________________

Prompt – Reflect and Write

Reflecting writing was a completely new subject for me, so I fond useful and interesting almost all the Writing reflectively article.

However there is one thing in particular that I think would be important to remember for my future essays, I had never think in fact that writing down my thought and feelings about a work or an assignment could be helpful for improving my skills.

Thinking about a mistake you made or reflecting about how you felt in a situation is not always enough to learn something about it, but putting your though on paper can really help to analyze clearly what happened.

Writing reflectively is a way to understand how are you feeling about a work that you have done, and how you can get better next time.

A second thing that surprised me is that using reflective writing I can evaluate my performance critically.

The way how you see some situation at the first look, does not always reflects the truth. Only questioning yourself and asking for the point of view of others people you will be able to understand an event or a reaction that you have regarding a situation or a problem.

A clear example of what I was trying to explain is the exercise Presentation number three. The woman in question was talking about a power point presentation that she has done at her work. At the eginning she felt that the presentation went terribly, because she was anxious and her boss intervened to answer some question at her place, but after confronting with her colleagues she realize that her presentation was not that bad as she thought afterall.

For instance, her colleagues told her that their boss always used to take the place of people in a conversation but she handle well her intrusion, so she was apparently more calm than she how she felt.

This means that everyone can have a different prospective of a situation, so being pessimist about your performance is not always the solution.


#2 ______________________________________

Prompt – Goals and Desires

One of the goal that I hope to archive during this Sound and Image’s semester is being able to improve my knowledge of the adobe premiere software.

Even though I’m already confident with others editing software like final cut and after effect, there are still some things that puzzle me about premiere. Not all the function and tools of premiere are at the same place and work at the same ways of the others programs, so I’m hoping that with practice I will be able to edit as quickly and automatically as I can do it on final cut.

I will try to set the keyboard shortcuts of final cut on premiere, to see if this change can make my editing easier.

The second thing that I want to learn to do properly is using the RMIT cameras in a proper way. I was used to shoot mostly with reflex cameras as Canon 7D or 5D, so I would like to learn more about the function of the sony XDCAM-X200 cameras that we are using during the Sound and Image course.

I want also to improve my english skills in order to be more fluent and communicate with my teachers and classmate better. I hope also to improve my writing skill, so that I can express myself with more clarity.

I will try to speak and read in english every time I have the occasion to do it an I will also follow the English for media professional course to get better and be more confident in the writing of the upcoming assignments.

The last goal that I hope to archive during this semester is getting to know better my class mates to understand with whom I can work best in a group, this might be helpful for choosing my group for the next projects.



Prompt – Crew Roles

The thing that more of all surprise me during the reading of the Crew roles and the Developing a crew articles is how important is the role of the script supervisor.

While I was attending my bachelor degree in film making and direction back in Italy, It happened to me to works on video projects in small crew of 6-7 people, in which I’ve attended different roles. However I’ve noticed that during the shooting of those videos the role of the scrip supervisor was not well defined or even worst leaved out.

In the paragraph about the different roles and responsibilities of the Developing a crew reading, I’ve found that when the crew is too small usually is the director the one that takes the script supervisor’s job.

Nevertheless I remember me and the other members of my crew sharing that work, not always with good results. Sometimes we were not able to keep in mind all the details of a scene and tended to improvise ( hoping that the shot would have matched) or shooting different versions of the same scene to ensure to have good material to work with during the editing.

This obviously leads us to stress and anxiety.

If at the time we have had a person in charge of writing down all the details about scenes, costumes and action to ensure the continuity of the scenes we could have for sure avoided a lot of mistakes and save time.

In my future works I will definitely ensure that the script supervisor works won’t be underestimate in order to work in a more organized and precise way.

#4 ______________________________________

Keyboard shortcuts.

Fortunately I was already used to work with editing software (mostly Final cut pro), so I already knew almost all the function of the basic tools of premiere.

There are of course differences between the two software so at the beginning I struggled a bit to understand where all the things were, but the thing that most of all disappoint me was not being able to change the opacity of a clip in the time line using the pen tool.

For this reason one of the short cut that I’ve found useful is the Apply video transition one ( cmd+D ) one.

Another short cut that might make my editing work more smooth is the track select tool ( A ) command, because I think using it instead of selecting manually the track you want to move, can save a lot of time and make the work more precise.


#5 _____________________________________

Prompt – A scene

At the beginning of the scene of Taxi driver that we have to analyze we can see Travis going out of his taxi, the scene was shot using a dolly and a zoom whit the purpose of following the protagonist while walking to the entrance of the building.

The shot of him opening the door was edited using a cutting on action technique. We can now see a medium close up of Travis walking, immediately followed by a POV shot, that is a shot that shows what the character is looking at, that in this case is the object his desire, Betsy. I think The director used this technique to emphasize the feelings of the protagonist and to focus on the intense look of the girl and the interrogative and distrustful look of her colleague.

During the dialogue between Betsy an Travis we can get from the beginning that he is not really interesting in volunteering, because both the actors have a flirting expression on their face, this was the first time that the two characters were talking, but in my opinion the director wanted to show that there was already chemistry between them and that they like each other. The dialogue scene is edited alternating medium shot, close up shot and medium close up shot that sometimes are taken over the actors’s shoulders. The shot are also combined with slow horizontal and vertical camera movement and slow zoom in or zoom out.

In the wider shots we can see the disappointment on the face of Betsy’s colleague while spying them. I think the director has chosen not to add to the scene big camera movement and changing of angle to focus better on the dialogue.

In the last shot of the sequence the camera follow Travis with an horizontal dolly movement and we can see him leaving the office, and giving betsy one last look.

The production design and the costumes are not too elaborated because the period of the shooting match the time of the narration.


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